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MAGI Mediation / Arbitration Group Inc.

MAGI Mediation / Arbitration Group Inc. was founded by three trained mediators with lifetimes of experience resolving conflict, who share a passion for helping people and organizations find peaceful, win-win solutions to their problems.

MAGI’s philosophy is grounded in the principles of fairness, justice, and democracy.  We are steeped in the areas of social justice, social democracy, and human rights including gender equality. An inherent belief in the dignity of the human being and the idea that individuals, as well as nations, can resolve issues more efficiently and with greater success through effective communication and collaboration, rather than by any other means, is the foundation on which this philosophy rests.

With backgrounds in education, law, and government, the founding members of MAGI have, over many years, put into practice the principles articulated here, and continue to use these tenets as the foundation of their work in alternative dispute resolution.

If you are dealing with a difficult situation, whether in the workplace, with the government, business-to-business, or in your personal life, and you want to avoid the legal costs and the pain dealt by an adversarial justice system, consider mediation.

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Our Areas of Practice Include:


First Nations Issues

Government Departments and Agencies


Performing Arts

Business and Municipal Affairs

Workplace Fairness

Family Mediation

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

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